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Trophic level and position of Pterygoplichthys pardalisin Ciliwung River(Jakarta, Indonesia)ecosystem based on the gut content analysis

Trophic level and position of Pterygoplichthys pardalisin Ciliwung River(Jakarta, Indonesia) ecosystem based on the gut content analysis


B I O D I V E R S I T A SISSN: 1412-033X. E-ISSN: 2085-4722. Volume 21, Number 6, June 2020. Pages: 2862-2870. DOI: 10.13057/biodiv/d210665

Abstract. Elfidasari  D,  Wijayanti  F,  Sholihah  A. 2020. Trophic  level  and  Position  of Pterygoplichthys  pardalisin Ciliwung  River(Jakarta,  Indonesia)ecosystem  based  on  the  gut  content  analysis.Biodiversitas  21:2862-2870.The  trophic  level  of  an organism describes  its  sequence  of  natural  diet  visible  to  the  food  chain  along  with  its  ecosystem.  This  is  also  related  to  the  type  of  diet composition  and  food  fraction  obtained  by  analyzing  its  gut  content.  The Pterygoplichthys  pardalisfrom Ciliwung  Rivershow  the diversity  of  the natural  diet. The  aims  of  this study  is to  determine  the trophic  level  and position  of P.  pardalisin the Ciliwung  Riverecosystem  based  on  gut  content  analysis  using the purposive  sampling  method.  Data  were  obtained  from  a total  of  30 fishesfrom the Kalibata and Cawang areas through observations. The fishes were dissected, and gut contents were observed using a light microscope, with observations repeated 5 times of each sample. Data analysis includes relative length of gut, Index of Preponderance, area of the diet niche, niche  area, niche  overlap, and trophic  level  of  an  organism. The  results  showed that P. pardalisin Ciliwung  Riveris at trophic level  II,  and included  as  herbivores (2.00  <  troph  <  2.90)that  consist  of  Bacillariophyta  (82.03%),  Chlorophyta  (12.7%),  Cyanophyta (3.74%), Euglenophyta (1.19%), Amoebozoa (0.28%), and Dinoflagellata(0.68%).

Keywords: Ciliwung River, gut content, natural diets,Pterygoplichthys pardalis, trophic level

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